Greetings from new guy at Starfish!

Hello Starfish Discord Community. My name is James Weatherell, and I’m the new guy here at Starfish!

After many years serving as the Research Computing Solutions Architect and a member of the Research Computing leadership team at Harvard Medical School, I have decided to join Starfish Storage Corporation.

My new role as Solutions Architect at Starfish is an opportunity to advance my work to the next level, where I will continue to focus on designing advanced research IT solutions for the higher-ed and life-sciences sectors.

It is exciting knowing that I will be expanding my reach and impact, designing solutions for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Life Sciences, Oil, Gas and Energy, Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation and Government sectors.

It is also exciting to be a part of this incredibly talented team of leaders, developers, and engineers. During my time at HMS, I grew to know the Starfish team well. After an 8 year relationship working together on special research IT projects, it was time to team up and design advanced solutions targeted towards solving critical gaps impacting scientific innovation.

My experience supporting life sciences research at HMS will help to ensure Starfish technology platforms and services meet the expectations of the research community we serve.

I am very excited for this opportunity as we are already working on amazing technology that will further enable scientific discoveries for biotech and life sciences research centers across the globe!

Please feel free to reach out to me directly to learn more about how Starfish is helping to take the meh out of Metadata